iPad Digital Storytelling Workshops

Storychasers offers several different iPad-based digital storytelling workshops, primarily focused on helping teachers facilitate student multimedia projects in the classroom with students using iPads. These are offered both as full-day, on-site workshops for teachers and staff, as well as open workshops individuals can register to attend. Our workshops are BYO-iPad: Bring Your Own iPad! Participants in our workshops teach in both “1 to 1” iPad settings (where every student and teacher has an iPad) as well as cart / checkout settings where iPads are available for student/teacher use when needed.

Learn more about our workshop leaders, register to attend an upcoming workshop, or contact us to inquire about bringing a Storychasers workshop to your school, conference, event, or other organization.

We currently offer four different iPad-based digital storytelling workshops:

Narrated Slideshows and Screencasts with the iPad

educreations-app-150ee-150Narrated Slideshows include still images with accompanying audio narration, and may also include annotations which make the videos into screencasts. In this workshop, participants will learn to use the free iPad app EduCreations to create narrated slideshows/screencasts, as well as the commercial (and much more flexible/powerful) iPad app Explain Everything. Participants will also learn to use the free YouTube Capture app for iPad to upload videos to a professional YouTube channel. (Workshop curriculum available.)

iPad Quick Edit Videography

imovie-iosyoutube-captureParticipants in this workshop will learn “Quick edit videography” techniques with the iPad. These involve capturing/recording video using the iPad camera app and editing/splicing short videos using iMovie for iPad. Participants will also learn to use the free YouTube Capture app for iPad to upload videos to a professional YouTube channel.




Intermediate iPad Digital Storytelling

pinnacle-studio-1ipromptParticipants in this workshop will learn more advanced techniques for creating digital stories on the iPad using the commercial app Pinnacle Studio for iPad. Techniques will include adding still image or video clips as “B-roll” footage, adding background music or importing other audio, and using a variety of video transitions. Participants will also learn how to use free iPad teleprompter apps to help in the video production process. These techniques go beyond the digital storytelling / “quick-edit video” possibilities of iMovie for iPad, and are appropriate for intermediate or advanced iPad users.


Starting a Student Storychaser Club

There are lots of wonderful things happening in your school every week, but often those stories aren’t documented and shared with parents and other members of your community. Interactive websites and social media tools, which permit student-created content to be MODERATED by teachers before it’s published publicly, allows schools to create dynamic news websites where students “tell the stories of our community.” In this workshop you will learn how to start a Student Storychasers Club which can provide opportunities for students to develop digital literacy skills alongside traditional literacy skills as school journalists. You will learn (so you can teach your students) how to write and publish short news articles, record audio interviews, and create short “quick edit” videos using iPads. We will use several free iPad apps for this including KidBlog, AudioBoo, and iMovie. Learn how to replicate this successful program at your school!