Kansas Educators: Become a Storychaser this summer in Haysville, Greenbush or Andover!

Storychasers is hosting THREE two day digital storytelling workshops this summer in Kansas for teachers, librarians, administrators and others interested in technology integration, multimedia video production, oral history and preserving community voices. The three workshop dates and locations are: June 28-29, 2011 in Haysville, Kansas July 25-26, 2011 in Greenbush, […]

Oklahoma Educators: Become a Storychaser at OSU June 23-24, 2011

Storychasers is hosting a two day digital storytelling workshop June 23-24, 2011, in Stillwater, Oklahoma, on the campus of Oklahoma State University. Register to join us, and please forward this information to others you know who may be interested! A 1 page PDF marketing flyer about the workshop is available. […]

Storychasing in the Heart of Oklahoma Cherokee Country

Last week I had the privilege to lead a “Celebrate Oklahoma Voices” workshop for Storychasers at Kenwood School, which is located about an hour northeast of Tulsa, Oklahoma. 100 percent of the students attending Kenwood School are Cherokee. The school is small, with about 80 total students, and serves students […]

Register to attend June and July 2011 Storychaser Workshops

Storychasers is pleased to announce registration is open for SEVEN digital storytelling workshops in Oklahoma and Kansas in June and July 2011. These workshops for Celebrate Oklahoma Voices (COV) and Celebrate Kansas Voices (CKV) will be held the following dates in different locations: COV 1-2 Jun 2011 Muskogee, Oklahoma (2 […]

Use a cell phone supporting 3 way calling to record audio interviews

Today in our “Celebrate Texas Voices” workshop for Storychasers in Lubbock, Don Wilson and I showed teachers how they could use any cell phone supporting 3 way calling and the free website, iPadio.com, to record an audio interview with another person. Of course, as is the case with all audio […]

Spots available for April 2011 Storychasers Workshops

Spots are still available for teachers, librarians, and other educators to register for Storychaser workshops in April 2011. These opportunities include: A “Celebrate Oklahoma Voices” digital storytelling and oral history workshop April 7-8 in Midwest City, Oklahoma, to be held in MidDel Public Schools A “Celebrate Texas Voices” digital storytelling […]

Volunteer Your Site to Host a Summer 2011 Storychasers’ Workshop

Are you interested in providing an outstanding, two or 2.5 day opportunity for educators in your area to learn about digital storytelling and oral history? If so, please consider “volunteering your site” to host a summer 2011 Storychasers’ workshop! We are providing workshops in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas in 2011 […]

2011 Storychaser Facilitator Application Online

An online application to become a facilitator in 2011 for Storychasers is now online. Please review information about facilitator roles and responsibilities before submitting the form, linked from the “Get Involved – Become a Facilitator” page of our informational wiki. photo © 2008 Wesley Fryer | more info (via: Wylio) […]

Creation Requires Influence: Understanding Remix Power in Star Wars

Creativity doesn’t follow a formula, but it often exhibits patterns. Creative people frequently build on the ideas and work of others. This is true in the genre of film as well as other contexts. Kirby Ferguson powerfully explains how “creation requires influence” in his ten minute video, “Everything is a […]