Storychasers Student Club Guidelines

These are guidelines for official Storychaser Student Clubs. To officially affiliate with Storychasers as a student club, the following guidelines must be followed.


An adult volunteer (over 21) must agree to serve as the official Storychasers Club sponsor. This individual agrees to:

  1. Officially correspond with Storychasers regarding club activities
  2. Attend and supervise local Storychaser club meetings
  3. Insure published student media adheres to copyright guidelines and required permission guidelines
  4. Share / publish Storychaser-club produced media on Storychasers’ websites (cross-posting is welcome, Storychasers encourages and supports – but does not require – local media website publishing too.)
Storychasers recommends a two club sponsors, but at least one is required.


An organization with physical meeting space facilities must be identified to officially support the student Storychasers club. The hosting organization leadership must agree to provide:

  1. A safe and secure location for periodic student Storychaser club meetings
  2. High speed wireless Internet access for Storychaser club member use
  3. Coordination and support for Storychaser club website access if required sites are blocked by the organizational content filter


A wide variety of mobile, laptop and desktop computer equipment can be used by Storychaser Club members. The following equipment is recommended for Student Storychaser Clubs with five to ten members, getting started:

  1. One iPad with camera (iPad2 or newer)
  2. Two iPod Touches (4th generation or newer)
  3. Two iRig Microphones
  4. iMovie app (for all iOS devices)
  5. PhotoSync app (for all iOS devices)
  6. Laptop computer (Apple recommended)

Note the above equipment does NOT need to be purchased new. Used iOS equipment is available in many areas. See the post, “CDR Electronics in Oklahoma City: A GREAT Place to Buy Used iOS Devices & Macs,” for an example.


A limited number of Student Storychaser Club Mini-Grants are available. An online application form is available.

'iPod Touch' photo (c) 2008, Niki Odolphie - license: