Storychaser Student Clubs


Use these resources to help your own students constructively share local news online, whether they a part of a formal “Storychasers Student Club” or not. If you’re interested in possibly forming a Storychasers School Club, please join our mailing list. We piloted a Storychaser School Club in Yukon Public Schools in 2012-2013 and want to empower you to create a similar club at your school!

Draft “Storychaser Student Club Guidelines” are available.


In Spring 2012, Storychasers is piloting an idea which has been germinating for several years: Empowering educators and students to create school-based “Storychaser Clubs” in which students act as journalists and reporters safely sharing community news online. Storychasers use digital text, images, audio and video to share local news and develop a wide range of literacy skills in the process. See these posts from 2008 (1234) for the some of the history.

Storychasers is looking for similar groups which can serve as models for the guidelines we use for our official school clubs. We’re also looking for existing student clubs / organizations which are demonstrating ‘best practices’ for a school journalism / news club or class. Here are some of the models we’ve found so far. If you know of others, please let us know with a comment.

Organizations with Guidelines We Could Remix

  1. Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) by the National Center for Fathering

K-12 Student News / Journalism Clubs Demonstrating Best Practices

  1. JBlog (Judson ISD, San Antonio, TX via @NotJANEtweets)
  2. Casady Crier (Casady School, Oklahoma City, OK @casadycrier)
  3. Cougar News (Cactus Canyon JHS, Apache Junction, AZ by @onedavis22)
  4. El Diamante High School’s Television program (Visalia, CA)
  5. Portable Radio/TV (Mr. Toft’s Grade 4/5 class in Berrigan Elementary School in Ottawa, Canada)
  6. CLE Live (Howe, Oklahoma)
  7. KBOB Studios (Timnath, Colorado)
  8. Clipper TV (Yarmouth, Maine)
  9. Radio WillowWeb (Omaha, Nebraska)
  10. High School Broadcast Journalism Project (HSJB)
  11. Streetside Stories (San Francisco, CA)

Student News Mobile Apps

  1. The Shakerite, the student newspaper of Shaker Heights High School (iOS)

Other News / Journalism / Media Examples and Resources

  1. Student Reporting Labs (from PBS)
  2. The Franklin (student news produced at Franklin College)
  3. Newsy
  4. Kean University Student Voices on Kean XChange
  5. CNN iReporter
  6. News Literacy and the Basics of Journalism: Be Fair, Accurate and Clear (Sept 2010 blog post)
  7. Hearing Student Voices (10 min Video from via Renee Webster with the National Writing Project about how digital audio recorders can be used transformatively for student literacy development)

Skyview Storychasers


Conference Presentation Title and Description

Title: Starting a Student Storychasers Club
Description: There are lots of wonderful things happening in your school every week, but often those stories aren’t documented and shared with parents and other members of your community. Interactive websites and social media tools, which permit student-created content to be MODERATED by teachers before it’s published publicly, allows schools to create dynamic news websites where students “tell the stories of our community.” Come learn how you can get a Student Storychasers Club started which can provide opportunities for students to develop digital literacy skills alongside traditional literacy skills as school journalists. Come hear the story of how 4th and 5th grade students and teachers at Lakeview Elementary, in Yukon Public Schools, successfully started an after-school Storychasers Club in 2013. Students learned how to write and publish short news articles, record audio interviews, and create short “quick edit” videos using iPads. Learn how to replicate this successful program at your school! Access session resources on