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Today in our “Celebrate Texas Voices” workshop for Storychasers in Lubbock, Don Wilson and I showed teachers how they could use any cell phone supporting 3 way calling and the free website,, to record an audio interview with another person. Of course, as is the case with all audio recording, it’s important to get permission FIRST from the individual you’re interviewing to both record the interview AND share it online. This evening, Don helped me create a short, five minute screencast demonstrating the steps for using iPadio and a cell phone to:

  • record a phonecast
  • download it to your computer
  • import it into Audacity for editing

Because of some issues with a frayed iPhone USB cable, I ended up trying to record this screencast about ten times tonight. The end of this final screencast attempt was slightly cut off, but I decided to just go with it instead of trying to record this YET AGAIN! Please forgive the lack of professional closure on this screencast. 🙂

Telemarketing Phone Interview Canvassing for Obama IMG_7058photo © 2008 Steven Depolo | more info (via: Wylio)

More information about hosting and “volunteering your site” to host a Storychasers’ workshop is available on the FAQ page of the Storychasers’ blog.

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