Storychasers Mobile App Options: Considering Mobile Roadie 2

Our Storychasers board met in December just before the Christmas holidays, and we have several exciting announcements to share in upcoming days. If you’re not already following us on Twitter, please do! (@storychasers) Also please “Like” us on Facebook! Our page there is new.

We have discussed the possibility of creating a mobile application for Storychasers (particularly important as we expand into other states in addition to Oklahoma) and the application development environment Mobile Roadie looks intriguing. This short video explains how it works.

What do you think? Would a Mobile Roadie-powered app fill the bill for what a Storychasers mobile app should do? I’ve thought sharing / showcaseing submitted videos from our different learning communities, and providing opportunities for people to share comments / feedback on those videos would be the main functions of the app. Mobile Roadie could offer a lot more too, however.

If you want to see an example app built with Mobile Roadie, check out the free Redeemer Church iOS app. It’s pretty amazing to see what can be done, and how it can be controlled / managed from a web-based CMS (content management system.) I’m pretty enthused about this possibility!

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