Publishing video to YouTube and Celebrate Kansas Voices

In preparation for next week’s inaugural “Celebrate Kansas Voices” (CKV) oral history and digital storytelling workshop, we’ve created a new two-page guide explaining how to publish videos to YouTube and embed videos in our CKV learning community / Ning site. This is included in our 24 page participant handout. (PDF) Because of changes to Ning’s terms of service and cost structure, we are (most likely – this could change) opting for the $200 annual “Ning Plus” account for the CKV community. This permits us to have an unlimited number of people in our learning community, but NOT directly upload video to the site. Instead, we can upload video to another site (like YouTube) and then add the video embed code to our Ning to make videos available there. We’ve uploaded this document to our Storychasers account on Scribd, and you can access it either from the embedded version below or the direct document link. You might notice our new Storychasers logo – We finalized that selection a few weeks ago from 147 different entries on Crowdspring. (I’m using a purple version on this handout in honor of Willie, of course, since our workshop next week is in Manhattan!) currently redirects to, but we’re hopeful in the next 6-12 months to create a new mobile site for our videos that will “live” on our .tv site. Perhaps we’ll even develop mobile apps for iOS and Android!

Publishing Video to Celebrate Kansas Voices

If CKV workshop participants do not want to create or use their own YouTube account to upload their videos, we’re providing an option for them to upload to our Storychasers YouTube channel and then embed their videos to our learning community.

In addition to creating this new how-to guide and integrating it in the CKV participant handout, we’ve also made numerous changes and additions to our Storychasers wiki. For Image Resources, Music and Audio Resources, and Copyright and Fair Use Resources, that meant “mirroring” pages on our Storychasers wiki which we’ve previously built (and still have available) on our Celebrate Oklahoma Voices (COV) project wiki. We’re hopeful with grant support to scale this statewide oral history and digital storytelling model to other states in addition to Kansas and Oklahoma in the years ahead. Rather than create separate project wikis for each state, as we did initially for Oklahoma, it seems more logical to create a main/central wiki for all Storychaser projects. A listing of all the websites we maintain and have created in the past for Storychasers is now available on the “Community Portal” page of our Storychasers wiki.

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