Help Storychasers choose our new logo! 1

For the past two weeks, creative designers from around the world (literally) have submitted 147 different designs for a new Storychasers logo on the website CrowdSpring. (@crowdspring on Twitter) Our board of directors must decide in the next three days which logo design to pick, and we’d like your help. Below you’ll see images of logo designs which we’ve rated either 5 or 4 stars, out of 5.

Storychaser logo submissions rated 5 of 5

Storychaser logo submissions (rated 4 of 5)

You can view even larger versions of these by visiting our logo gallery page on CrowdSpring. (You’ll have to create a free account to view the actual logos.)

Please leave your feedback here as comments. We want to pick the best logo for Storychasers!

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One thought on “Help Storychasers choose our new logo!

  • Angie

    Top row, 4th position — either background

    Really think this logo depicts what Storychasers is/wants to be.
    I like it much better than all the rest!

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