Storychasers is looking for a new logo via @crowdspring 1

Please help spread the word to any creative designers you know – Storychasers (the lead partner in the Celebrate Oklahoma Voices project) has released a request for proposal for a new logo! We’ve published this on the website CrowdSpring, which is a global community for creative designers and people with creative design needs. Anyone can submit a proposal for the logo, and our Storychasers board will be scoring/rating submitted designs. We are offering $500 U.S. for the new logo design.

To view the full proposal a free account on CrowdSpring must be created. Please share this with anyone you know who is a designer or wants to design our next logo! The proposal is open until May 22, 2010. View it on:

It’s going to be exciting to see the proposals which come in for our logo in the next ten days. CrowdSpring and the opportunity to tap the creative imaginations of a connected community of thousands worldwide is a very “flat world” thing to do. This has great potential to be an instructive experience for us all!

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