Register to attend COV Workshops in 2010!

Our Celebrate Oklahoma Voices digital storytelling and oral history project continues in 2010! We currently have sixteen workshops scheduled around the state through August of 2010. If hosting schools do not fill their workshop with 25 participants, “extra slots” are available which other PK-20 educators are welcome to fill. The cost to attend a COV workshop as an individual participant is $520, which includes “digital backback” equipment listed on our project wiki.

Please visit our 2010 COV Workshop calendar to view dates and available “open slots” in our workshops through August. If you are interested in attending one of these workshops, complete our online “COV Workshop Registration Inquiry” form, and you will receive further instructions via email from Stephanie McCoy, our administrative assistant.

NOTE: Teachers in school districts hosting COV workshops, whose districts have been awarded TitleIID grants, should receive a COV workshop registration link directly from their school TitleIID grant coordinator.

Everyone is welcome to join our COV learning community, to rate and comment on videos as well as participate in our discussion forums. Membership in the COV learning community is free!

If you have questions regarding Celebrate Oklahoma Voices or Storychasers, do not hesitate to contact us!

Our Google Calendar for Celebrate Oklahoma Voices is available, which includes all our workshops scheduled through August 2010.