Mobile Learning Collaborative Proposal: Archived Videos 1

On December 15, 2009, Wesley Fryer (executive director of Storychasers) shared a presentation from MetroTech in Oklahoma City with local participants and virtual participants attending via discussing a proposal for a Mobile Learning Collaborative in Oklahoma. This presentation is available in two parts as archived video on Ustream.

Part 1 of 2 (47 min, 24 sec)

Part 2 of 2 (1 hour, 9 min, 9 sec)

Unfortunately we forgot to bring a firewire cable for the DV camera we were going to use for this Ustream, so we had to use a backup USB camera for this video which was not as high quality as we would have liked. Fortunately our lapel microphone worked great, so the audio (except for some of the questions from audience members) is very clear in both these recordings.

Presentation slides from this session are available as a Google Presentation.

Based on these guidelines and goals, if you are interested in participating in this Mobile Learning Collaborative in Oklahoma please contact Wesley Fryer ASAP. Interested parties will be meeting again via an online webinar, most likely on Tuesday, December 22nd at 10:00 am CST. The deadline for districts to submit their grant application for the ARRA 1:1 proposal is 15 January 2010.

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