Final Cut Express general error 34 inspires fear

This is NOT the message you’d like to see in Final Cut Express ten minutes before your video deadline:

General Error 34

Thankfully, teacher Tammy Parks was able to figure out the Final Cut Express project students had created today for the closing video in the “New Reinassance” conference at UCO had some extra in and out points which needed to be removed. After removing them, whoa-la! The export was underway!

Exported movie on the way!

This was our good looking team of student storychasers today in Edmond, Oklahoma! Students are pictured with adult sponsors and Peter Donaldson, who role-played Leonardo Da Vinci for today’s event. Jackson Fall also joined our media team, and did a fantastic job on the video intro using Motion software.

Our Storychaser / Media Team with Peter Donaldson

Many of the interviews students recorded are already available on the Storychasers YouTube channel, and 20 – 30 more will likely be posted in upcoming weeks. Because the final video is longer than 10 minutes we may have to publish it to Vimeo instead of YouTube. All videos created for the “Storychasing Creativity” project will be posted to the Storychasing Creativity blog.

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