Welcome to our Storychasers blog

Welcome to our Storychasers blog! We’ve moved our learning community (in Drupal) over to the subdomain community.storychasers.org, and will be updating that site in the months ahead. Rather than have our learning community as our main website home, we’ve installed WordPress here and will be making numerous additions to it in upcoming weeks.

As you may be aware, Story Chasers Inc. was formed as an educational non-profit in 2009 to continue supporting (as well as expand) the immensely successful “Celebrate Oklahoma Voices” oral history and digital storytelling project which started in 2006. Currently, the following websites related to “Celebrate Oklahoma Voices” and Storychasers are available:

  1. This Storychasers blog, which is our primary landing page and informational site for our organization and projects.
  2. The Celebrate Oklahoma Voices project wiki, which provides information about the COV project.
  3. The Celebrate Oklahoma Voices learning community, which currently includes over 400 videos created by Oklahoma teachers and students as well as over 600 members. (Anyone interested in our project can join. Membership is moderated, as are video submissions.)
  4. Our Storychasers’ learning community (Built in Drupal, this site currently includes information and brainstorming results from conversations leading to the creation of Storychasers.)
  5. Our Storychasers project wiki (Built with Mediawiki, this site includes different resources for Storychasers.)

The article “Empowering Oklahoma Educators to to Preserve and Share Oral History” provides a summary of our story through July 2008. We will be updating that “story” here on our organizational blog in the weeks ahead!

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