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The following software programs can be used to create videos and audio files for Storychaser projects. Many are FREE apps / software programs.


Laptop or Desktop Computers

Audio Editing

  1. Audacity – Edit multi-track audio files (Windows & Mac)
  2. Switch –  Convert audio file formats into MP3, WAV, etc. (Windows & Mac)

Video Creation (still images w/audio)

  1. iMovie – Combine and synchronize images with audio (Mac)
  2. Sony Vegas (Windows)
  3. PhotoStory3 – Combine and synchronize images with audio (Windows)

Other Video Utilities

  1. VLC Media Player – free multi-format media player (Windows, Mac & Linux)
  2. QuickTime software – play M4V and other Apple/QuickTime format video files (Windows & Mac)
  3. Combined Community Codec Pack – Install different video codecs for playback and encoding (Windows)
  4. MPEG Streamclip – Edit and convert video clips into different formats ((Windows & Mac)

Video Creation (phase 2 workshops – video clip editing)

  1. iMovie – (Mac)
  2. Windows MovieMaker Live (Windows 7 and Vista)
  3. Windows MovieMaker (Windows XP)
  4. Sony Vegas – around $45 for base version (Windows)
  5. Avid Studio and Pinnacle Studio – (Windows)
  6. WikiPedia Comparison of Video Editing Software

Music Creation (great for video background music)

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