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Image Resources

The following websites can be utilized to find image resources for Storychaser projects.*

Primary Recommended Sites

These should be whitelisted on your local network for open access per our workshop hosting terms)

  1. Flickr: Be sure to use specific search tools for Flickr, however, instead of searching the main website!
    1. Compfight (searches Flickr Creative Commons – be sure to turn Creative Commons ON at the top)
    2. Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Only Search
    3. FlickrCC Blue Mountains Displays attribution
    4. Flickr Free Use Photos Photo sharing, no attribution necessary
    5. Flickr: The Commons (contributions from major institutions)
    6. Library of Congress Photo Stream on Flickr Goals–To increase access to publicly-held photography collections and to provide a way for the general public to contribute information and knowledge. (Check for licensing on individual images.)
  2. Creative Commons A multimedia CC search, searches across GoogleFlickrYahoo!BlipTVSpinXpress, and OWL Music Search, allowing searchers to specify a search for media to use to modify or for commercial purposes
  3. WikiPedia
    1. Wikimedia Commons: A database of 14 freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute.
    2. Images by type
    3. Wikimedia Commons-Images-Science
    4. Wikimedia Commons-Images-Nature
    5. Wikimedia Commons-Images-Society

Secondary Recommended Sites

These may or may not be available on your local network depending on filtering policies
  1. Copyright-friendly images and sound
  2. 4 Free Photos Free images under Creative Commons license.
  3. Public Domain Images Several thousand royalty free stock photos nicely organized in folders, free for personal and commercial use.
  4. Flickr’s Creative Commons Pool: Browse through the images provided by Flickr users who have chosen to offer their work under a Creative Commons license. A
  5. Flickr Advanced Search also allows you to search for these images easily.
  6. AlegriPhotos Free photos.
  7. Flickr Free Use Photos Photo sharing, no attribution necessary
  8. Flickr Storm (select appropriate Creative Common license from pull-down menu)
  9. Creative Commons
  10. PhotosPD public domain images
  11. Free Images Collection No Copyright, High Resolution, Free Images
  12. Creative Commons Videos
  13. TagGallery (creates a globe of Flickr images)
  14. Online Photosharing in Plain English
  15. SpringfieldGallery
  16. Springfield Clipart
  17. Drape’s Takes Educator’s Guide to Creative Commons
  18. Images4Education Ning
  19. Photo Tampering Throughout History (for media literacy)
  20. Copyright-friendly WebList and Thumbnail list
  21. Flickr’s Creative Commons Pool: Browse through the images provided by Flickr users who have chosen to offer their pictures under a Creative Commons license. A
  22. Flickr Advanced Search also allows you to search for these images easily.
  23. Wylio: all-in-one picture finder and re-sizer made specifically for bloggers
  24. Flickr Storm (select appropriate Creative Common license from pull-down menu)
  25. Beholdcc Use the boxes before you search to select licensing
  26. Veezle (free stock photos)
  27. Shahi Visual Dictionary (check for licensing, many are CC and Wiktionary)
  28. Clipart ETC (University South Florida)
  29. openphoto: Free stock images. Use categories on the right to browse or click on search in the top bar
  30. BurningWell (public domain, high resolution photos)
  31. 25 Free Stock Photo Sites
  32. Photl
  33. Free Images Collection (No Copyright, High Resolution, Free Images)
  34. Wellcome Images (medical and social images)
  35. 26 Places to Find Free Multimedia for Your Blog
  36. (abstract backgrounds)
  37. Photos8 (public domain photos and backgrounds)
  39. Public Domain Clipart
  41. VADS: Free Art and Design Images for Education (Read Terms of Use)
  42. US Government Photos and Multimedia Most materials is in the public domain, but read the disclaimers.
  43. Yahoo Creative Commons Search
  44. Free Digital Photos
  45. Pics4Learning Copyright friendly images for education
  46. GetMedia
  47. MorgueFile provides the public and creative community with free photos..
  48. Free Pixels:images may be used for both personal and commercial purposes under the limitations of this license
  49. Free Photos Bank
  50. stock.xchng
  51. PD Photo
  52. Public Domain Pictures – high resolution photos and illustrations under public domain license
  53. Public Domain Images Public domain images (copyright friendly -safe images), royalty free stock photos. All photos on this site are top quality high resolution public domain images, explicitly placed in the public domain.
  55. 4 Free Photos – collection of over 700 free images offered by the photographer
  56. Free Photo 1
  57. OurMedia
  58. FreeMediaGoo
  61. Images for Education (for UK higher ed.)
  62. Black and White Clipart

Other portals (some subject-specific)

  1. this is first
  2. Smithsonian Flickr PhotoStream
  3. PBase World Gallery (amateur photos organized by country)
  4. Digital Librarian Images (check for licensing)
  5. Flickr-Related Tag Search (not all CC)
  6. Free Military Photos
  7. GeekPhilosopher
  8. American Memory Collection: Library of Congress. (click on “Photos and Prints” and check the “Copyright and Restrictions” section for each collection)
  9. American Memory Maps Collection
  10. America From the Great Depression to World War II: FSA/OWI 1935-1945 American Memory collection
  11. Art Images for College Teaching
  12. Centre for Bioscience ImageBank
  13. Daguerreotype Portraits and Views 1839-1864
  14. Department of Agriculture Image Gallery
  15. Department of the Interior Photo Resources Library
  16. Graphic
  17. Great Images in NASA (GRIN)
  18. Incomptech – Royalty Free Music; Search by Genre or “Feel” of Music
  19. Images of American Political History
  20. Internet Moving Images Archive (read Conditions of Use)
  21. Metropolitan Museum of Art (Please read copyright info)
  22. NARA’s Search Tools
  23. NARA’s (National Archives and Records Administration) NAIL Search
  24. NASA Image Exchange
  25. NASA Multimedia Gallery
  26. NASA’s Planetary Photojournal
  27. National Health Museum(AccessExcellence)
  28. NIH Image Bank
  29. National Library of Medicine: Images from the History of Medicine
  30. Picture Collection Online (New York Public Library)
  31. NOAA Photo Library (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
  32. NOAA – National Marine Sanctuaries Media Library
  33. Public Health Image Gallery
  34. Picturing the Century: 100 Years of Photography
  35. Science Images (Earth Zone)
  36. Selected Civil War Photographs
  37. Springer Images (scientific images with liberal licensing, read the Copyright restrictions)
  38. Training Reference: Images for Learning Materials
  39. US Air Force Link: Photos and Art
  40. US Fish and Wildlife Services Images
  41. US Geological Service Photographic Library
  42. US Navy Images
  43. USDA Historical Photos
  44. UTOPIA (UT Austin) Portrait Gallery (historical figures)
  45. University of Cambridge List of Freely Available Images Links
  46. EduPic Graphical Resource – Free Photographs and Graphics for Education
* Special thanks to Joyce Valenza for sharing many of these links on her fantastic wikisPlaying with Imagesand Copyright-Friendly and Copyleft Images and Sound.

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