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Successful iPad Media Workshop in Maryetta

Since 2015, Storychasers has provided professional development and instructional coaching services to Maryetta School in Stilwell, Oklahoma. These PD services have focused on effective technology integration as well as literacy development, in support of several grants administered by the school district. July 18, 19 and 20, Storychasers provided a 3 day iPad Media Workshop for…

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Digital Storytelling for First Nations, Tribes, Communities and Families

Resources and links for today’s full day workshop, “Digital Storytelling for First Nations, Tribes, Communities and Families,” are available on This workshop is being presented at the 2012 International Conference of Indigenous Archives, Libraries and Museums in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The workshop description is: Digital storytelling in museums, libraries, galleries, and other public spaces can…

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Publishing video to YouTube and Celebrate Kansas Voices

In preparation for next week’s inaugural “Celebrate Kansas Voices” (CKV) oral history and digital storytelling workshop, we’ve created a new two-page guide explaining how to publish videos to YouTube and embed videos in our CKV learning community / Ning site. This is included in our 24 page participant handout. (PDF) Because of changes to Ning’s…

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