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Recommended Smartphone Apps & Digital Recorders for Storychasing Oral History

Today I’m sharing a presentation at TEDxOU about empowering others as “digital witnesses” to record and preserve oral histories of our families and others in our communities. In my presentation, I briefly discuss apps and digital audio recorders I recommend for storychasers. These iOS apps are linked on the Appolicious list I created recently, “Best…

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Community Voices Audio Project Tutorial

This semester Storychasers has started a “lessons” section of our project wiki and shared “Community Voices” interview project ideas. Using MentorMob, we’ve created a seven part video tutorial highlighting steps students can follow to successfully plan, record, write about and share an audio interview with a family or community member. Create your own Playlist on…

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Use a cell phone supporting 3 way calling to record audio interviews

Today in our “Celebrate Texas Voices” workshop for Storychasers in Lubbock, Don Wilson and I showed teachers how they could use any cell phone supporting 3 way calling and the free website,, to record an audio interview with another person. Of course, as is the case with all audio recording, it’s important to get…

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Quickstart guide for iMovie ’09

This evening I created a four page “quickstart guide” for iMovie ’09, focusing specifically on the steps required to use iMovie for our Storychasers “phase 1 workshops” for Celebrate Oklahoma Voices and Celebrate Kansas Voices. This document is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. If using, please give credit to To…

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