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First certified African American Teacher in Mountain View Gotebo Schools, Oklahoma

Sean Buchanan‘s autobiographical 4.5 minute video he created last week and shared on our Celebrate Oklahoma Voices learning community is outstanding. (“You’re Going Where?“) The way he told this story really caught me by surprise when he shared it. I’ve given away the surprise with the title of this post, which Sean included in the…

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Oklahoma City Bombing Videos on Celebrate Oklahoma Voices (supplementary curriculum)

As of May 2010, the following five videos are available on the Celebrate Oklahoma Voices learning community which address issues relating to the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City Alfred P. Murrah federal building. The group “OKC Bombing” has been created on the learning community to share videos, links, and other curriculum ideas/resources related to…

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Oklahoma Bears, Tar Pits, Mountains, Girls Circles, and Marriages of 70+ years

This week Oklahoma educators participated in our 29th “Celebrate Oklahoma Voices” workshop since 2008, and created some fantastic digital stories about the history, geography, and people of our great state. Did you know Oklahoma is home to a growing black bear population and just had its first open hunting season for bears this year? Brad…

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Video Tributes to Oklahoma Veterans

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day here in the United States, and three students of Pam Henley in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, contributed videos to our statewide “Celebrate Oklahoma Voices” project which pay tribute to our Oklahoma veterans. “In Honor of My Grandfather” was created by Laney Miller, as a tribute to her great-grandfather who was born in 1929…

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Exemplary Digital Stories from Kansas, Oklahoma

Teachers in Kansas, Oklahoma, participated in our phase 1 Celebrate Oklahoma Voices workshop this past week, and created some superb digital stories. These are five we’ve featured among the 431 videos now included in our online learning community. The Five Fighting Starrs of Oklahoma tells the amazing story of Paul Starr’s grandfather and five of…

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Digital Witness to the U.S. Presidential Inauguration

Rene Hall’s video, “A Day to Remember,” is one of my favorite digital storytelling examples to share with others about the potential and power of people becoming “digital witnesses.” Find more videos like this on Celebrate Oklahoma Voices! Renee personifies the concept of a “digital witness” in this video because she powerfully communicated with images…

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