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Mattie Mae Huff: Tillman County Treasure

In May of 2010 teachers at our school had the Storychasers training in our library. I was given the task of interviewing a local resident and I was blessed to be introduced to Mattie Mae Huff. Mattie Mae was 94 at the time of the interview and we spoke for 3 hours at our first…

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Video Tributes to Oklahoma and Kansas Military Veterans

Happy Veteran’s Day, to all our military veterans from all branches of service! This year on Veteran’s Day, I encourage you to take a few minutes and watch some of the tribute videos which have been created in the past few months by students and teachers in Oklahoma and Kansas, participating in Celebrate Oklahoma Voices…

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New Oklahoma Digital Stories: Integration, Boy Scouting, Italian Food Festivals and Planting Trees

This week another fantastic group of Oklahoma educators completed our 2.5 day Celebrate Oklahoma Voices digital storytelling workshop, this time at Lowrey School about 30 minutes north of Tahlequah. Lowrey is one of the most innovative public schools in our state, with a 1:1 laptop program for students in grades 3-8. We have over 530…

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Video Tributes to Oklahoma Veterans

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day here in the United States, and three students of Pam Henley in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, contributed videos to our statewide “Celebrate Oklahoma Voices” project which pay tribute to our Oklahoma veterans. “In Honor of My Grandfather” was created by Laney Miller, as a tribute to her great-grandfather who was born in 1929…

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Your Superintendent Crisis Plan Doesn’t Prepare You For This

Terry Brown is the superintendent of Earlsboro Public Schools, in Oklahoma, and participated this past summer in one of our Celebrate Oklahoma Voices digital storytelling workshops. In May of 1999, Terry was superintendent of Bridge Creek Schools, an unincorporated community devastated by a F5 tornado. Terry’s 4 minute COV video describes a bit of what…

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