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Video Tributes to Oklahoma and Kansas Military Veterans

Happy Veteran’s Day, to all our military veterans from all branches of service! This year on Veteran’s Day, I encourage you to take a few minutes and watch some of the tribute videos which have been created in the past few months by students and teachers in Oklahoma and Kansas, participating in Celebrate Oklahoma Voices…

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Publishing video to YouTube and Celebrate Kansas Voices

In preparation for next week’s inaugural “Celebrate Kansas Voices” (CKV) oral history and digital storytelling workshop, we’ve created a new two-page guide explaining how to publish videos to YouTube and embed videos in our CKV learning community / Ning site. This is included in our 24 page participant handout. (PDF) Because of changes to Ning’s…

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First certified African American Teacher in Mountain View Gotebo Schools, Oklahoma

Sean Buchanan‘s autobiographical 4.5 minute video he created last week and shared on our Celebrate Oklahoma Voices learning community is outstanding. (“You’re Going Where?“) The way he told this story really caught me by surprise when he shared it. I’ve given away the surprise with the title of this post, which Sean included in the…

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We need more constructive and positive Storychasers in The Age of Humiliation

We’ve unfortunately always had people in our communities who are bullies and seem to enjoy hurting other people. What’s changed is that gossip which used to remain local has now gone global, and gossip can now be confirmed with images and video. Bullying which used to be limited by time and place can now take…

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Always moderate membership in educational networking sites

For the past four years, I’ve helped lead and facilitate a statewide oral history project in Oklahoma called “Celebrate Oklahoma Voices.” Since we started using Ning for our learning community and a space to share videos, it’s been VERY important to moderate not only video submissions but also requests to join our community as a…

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New Oklahoma Digital Stories: Integration, Boy Scouting, Italian Food Festivals and Planting Trees

This week another fantastic group of Oklahoma educators completed our 2.5 day Celebrate Oklahoma Voices digital storytelling workshop, this time at Lowrey School about 30 minutes north of Tahlequah. Lowrey is one of the most innovative public schools in our state, with a 1:1 laptop program for students in grades 3-8. We have over 530…

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Wilson Rawls: Author of Where the Red Fern Grows

Cross-posted by Wesley Fryer to “Moving at the Speed of Creativity” I’m spending several days this week in and near Tahlequah, Oklahoma, leading a Celebrate Oklahoma Voices digital storytelling workshop for Storychasers at Lowrey School. Lowrey is one of just five public school districts in Oklahoma implementing a 1:1 laptop initiative, and is located about…

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What’s Your Issue Videography Contest

Thanks to a Facebook post this weekend by Marco Torres, I learned about “What’s Your Issue:” A Global Initiative and Competition for the next generation of leaders and social entrepreneurs – Seeking global thinkers 14 to 24… For 2010, we are looking for 3-minute videos with Issue & Solution format. Express your issue and propose…

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Oklahoma Bears, Tar Pits, Mountains, Girls Circles, and Marriages of 70+ years

This week Oklahoma educators participated in our 29th “Celebrate Oklahoma Voices” workshop since 2008, and created some fantastic digital stories about the history, geography, and people of our great state. Did you know Oklahoma is home to a growing black bear population and just had its first open hunting season for bears this year? Brad…

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Kid Witness News

When I was in New Zealand in February of 2009, I learned about “Kid Witness News” from some Panasonic vendors attending the Learning @ School conference. Today a teacher from Oklahoma reminded me about it, and I thought I would pass it along. If you’re interested in becoming a storychaser, Kid Witness News is possibly…

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