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In May of 2010 teachers at our school had the Storychasers training in our library. I was given the task of interviewing a local resident and I was blessed to be introduced to Mattie Mae Huff. Mattie Mae was 94 at the time of the interview and we spoke for 3 hours at our first meeting. It was as if she’d known me forever. Mattie Mae painted a picture of what life was like in our small town many years ago. Having lived in the town for her entire life, Mattie Mae gave me information that others could have never pieced together so well by someone without her experience. This video not only gives others the opportunity to learn about the community, but also to enjoy the audio stories of a full life lived by someone most of them knew. I showed this video to all of my middle and high school students and the staff at Tipton Public Schools. In 2011 Mattie Mae passed away at age 95. I remade the video to include better sound quality. I am having trouble uploading the improved video, but I can do so if I need to.

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