72 Years of Free Barbecue: The XIT Rodeo and Reunion

Web link / URL to the video: http://celebratetexas.ning.com/video/72-years-of-free-barbecue-the

This is a video I created in 2010 when my family and I had a chance to attend the XIT Rodeo and Reunion in Dalhart, Texas. This is an annual event which started in the 1930s during the dust bowl, to provide a positive and fun event in Dalhart which celebrates the people and history of the region. I read about this in Timothy Eagan’s book, “The Worst Hard Time.” The XIT Ranch included over 3 million acres of land at its peak, which was sold by the Texas legislature in 1879 in exchange for $3 million used to build the Texas State Capitol. The XIT Rodeo Reunion continues to be the world’s largest free barbecue event.